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Debt is Dead - I killed it

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Sorry (not sorry) to gloat :)  DEBT FREE TODAY!!!  No more student loan, credit cards paid off and cut up.  Cripes that was hard - borderline deprivation to do it - bit like Survivor (lol) with second hand clothes, eating in, cheap haircuts, no overseas trips etc - so it ends 7 years of annoyance at having debts gnawing away.  Will probably never afford to buy a house, but as far as I'm concerned every year I save, is a year of 'buying' into my retirement, aiming for an early one.  I follow Dave Ramsey and will stick with doing a weekly written budget to avoid frittering money on cr*p - to me, the real challenge starts now, avoiding rewarding myself for this, that and the other thing - that's how I got into debt in the first place - to be avoided at all err ... costs. 

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