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Emily from Sorted

Challenge of the month! Consumerism

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This month we're looking at consumerism... what we buy, why we buy it and do we need it?

A few friends of mine have jumped on the bandwagon of not buying anything for a month or a particular item for a year.

Could you get on board with that? How long would you stop buying 'things' for and what item would you stop buying if it was just one?

For me I stopped buying clothes for a month, which doesn't seem long but because of my habits it felt very long!

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Indeed. There is sooooo much consumerism. I believe spending habits come from aggressive marketing and "lenders will always give you money" mentality. 

Look at how "Q Card" is marketed. Disclaimer for the members who reported me to Sorted - THIS IS NOT AN ADVERTISEMENT AND I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH Q CARD, ANY OTHER LENDER OR RELATED PARTY. 



Yesterday at the Air NZ lounge heading back to Wellington, so many computer screens on online shopping, despite it being 3pm. That's a window into NZ spending habits. 

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