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  1. Splurging on plan

    Hi everyone, here's a bit of a flamethrower story on how to really splurge without veering off your plan. See what you think! https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/keep-treats-on-track/ Cheers, Tom
  2. Someone Mortgage Savvy Please Help!

    Hi Jaed, interest on a mortgage is typically calculated daily – a non-stop ticker in the background that goes on for as long as we take to repay. When we make a scheduled payment, we’re charged however much has built up to that point. We could look at calculating how much interest you've paid in those 12 years, but only if we had your repayment history and the terms of the loan during that time. (A 30-year loan means much of your payments went to interest.) So much easier to get this from your bank; hope you make some headway there! Best, Tom
  3. Asset Allocation/Classification

    Hi T, based on conversations I've had with investing experts in the past, I think they would classify these depending on how the income was being generated. So if it's from company profits from building and selling widgets, it would be a share; if it's from rent from a commercial property, it would fall under property. There's not always a bright line between the two as you say, so in the case of retirement village companies, you could have a look at where the lion's share of their profits are coming from. I'd guess that these are property companies for the most part? Cheers
  4. Hi everyone, here's the world I want my daughter to grow up in: where there's no gender investing gap, either. https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/financial-feminists/ Boost your inner financial feminist. Cheers, Tom
  5. Hi there Nudibranch, have a look at this latest post from us on top mortgage strategies: https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/top-mortgage-strategies/ Definitely also recommend running your numbers using our mortgage calculator to see which scenario is better for you. It should help you see that clearly: https://sorted.org.nz/tools/mortgage-calculator Best, Tom
  6. We are not what we buy!

    Hi everyone, as we're all working on getting ahead financially, we battle a constant headwind: consumerism. Luckily we are not what we buy! https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/we-are-not-what-we-buy/ Cheers, Tom
  7. How to get your tax refund

    Hi everyone, no need to use a tax refund company; they just take a cut that should be coming to you. Here's how to sort yours this year: https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/getting-your-refund/ Cheers
  8. How much do I need to have saved for retirement?

    Hi everyone, just on retirement planning, we've all got a new number to know: $401. That's this year's amount of NZ Super (it goes up every April), and it helps to know in order to plan for any income we think we'll need above that in retirement: https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/401-the-new-number-to-know/ Some of the numbers shown here on this thread have not been accurate, so have a clear look at what they really are. Happy planning! Tom
  9. Index Fund options in NZ

    We'd invite anyone to post links here, including organisations, provided it is relevant and adds to the conversation topic helpfully and constructively. We just ask everyone not to sell products or services on the forum, as this is not the place to advertise. There admittedly will be grey areas, but the team here at Sorted will make the call on those and keep this a "promotion-free" zone. But in the meantime, link to anything you'd like to discuss, cheers! Tom
  10. Debt or a savings stash?

    Hi all, there's one thing that perhaps doesn't get said as often as it should about debt: it's really just spending your future earnings before they arrive (and at a cost!). See what you think: https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/spending-those-futuredollars/ Best, Tom
  11. Index Fund options in NZ

    Hi everyone, Tom from Sorted here. We’ve all over-reacted a bit on this thread (maybe more than a bit even) with our scepticism about MoneyHub, which is on its way to becoming an important voice in personal finance, as seen in the media recently. See for example this story currently running on Air New Zealand fares that quotes MoneyHub data: https://www.newsroom.co.nz/2018/03/16/97249/air-nz-charging-aussies-half-the-price I think it’s great if MoneyHub links can add to the conversation about our money decisions with their research, and look forward to seeing their work inform more New Zealanders. As always, MoneyHub or other third parties are welcome to post here on the Sorted community forum whenever they have something relevant, so let’s keep the negativity to a minimum. Cheers, Tom
  12. Spotting Ponzi schemes

    Thanks RainyDayRichard, really appreciate your comments here. Don't know why anyone would criticise; yours is exactly the kind of comment that we want on this forum -- constructive, and furthering the conversation. Brilliant for everyone involved. Best, Tom
  13. Spotting Ponzi schemes

    Hi everyone, just to keep us all investing safely, here's a post on how to spot a Ponzi scheme (with help from Robert De Niro)... https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/beware-wizards-of-lies/ Stay safe out there, Tom
  14. Kiwisaver Fees

    Hi everyone, if you're thinking about switching up your KiwiSaver, read this first! https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/dont-switch-kiwisaver-funds-without-reading-this/ Cheers, Tom
  15. Hi everyone, a great independent resource you will find helpful if you are selling or buying a home is the new settled.govt.nz -- worth a look. Suppose you could say "get sorted, then get settled"! Here's more: https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/help-for-home-buying-and-selling/ Cheers, Tom