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  1. What does an insurance broker do?

    Hi guys, insurance has had us scratching our heads as well at times. Have a look at this latest post: https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/said-no-one-about-insurance/ Cheers, Tom
  2. Romance scams out there

    Hi everyone, the Sorted team is on the alert for romance scams... did you know you can search on photos in Google to check if they're real or of someone else? Have a look: https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/rom-con-artists-on-the-prowl/ Cheers
  3. Money personality quiz

    On Sorted we're getting more and more about wellbeing. Our money choices and the goals we set should be aimed at as much wellbeing as possible. Have a look: https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/whats-the-point-of-money/ Cheers
  4. Relinquish citizenship and kiwisaver

    Hi Ford, no you'd have to permanently move overseas. Hopefully, though, you're taking advantage of the government contribution of $521 each year. Cheers
  5. Low-interest loan tips

    Thanks Ford, that is a great option. I've also written about microfinancing options that can help as well: https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/giving-beyond-our-close-circle/ Cheers
  6. Low-interest loan tips

    Hi everyone, Robert from NZCU has some good things to say on Sorted today about landing low-interest loans: https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/land-a-low-interest-loan-with-these-6-tips/ See what you think, cheers. Tom
  7. Inflation and Investment

    Hi there Moltov, thanks for starting this thread. Inflation refers to a general rise in prices and affects our costs where we'll be spending our money. So if the price of bread inflates over time, what counts is where we'll buy it (and not how much it costs somewhere else). So you will need to calculate your return in the place where you live, after taxes, fees, and local inflation. Even if you're investing in emerging markets that have much higher rates of inflation, what will matter is where you are. For an excellent guide on inflation see http://superlife.co.nz/understanding-inflation.
  8. KiwiSaver Providers with no Fees on Accounts for Children

    Hi everyone, Tom from Sorted here. Kiwibattler, you're absolutely right to watch the fees. See this piece from our friends at Poirirua Budgeting on why KiwiSaver is "rated PG": http://www.poriruabudget.org.nz/kiwisaver/why-kiwisaver-is-rated-pg/ We've actually surveyed providers on this point, and here's what they've told us. Following are those KiwiSaver schemes that waive fees for under 18s if they are contributing regularly: Craigs Investment Partners kiwiSTART Select Scheme NZ Funds KiwiSaver Scheme Aon KiwiSaver Scheme Booster KiwiSaver Scheme Lifestages KiwiSaver Scheme (Note that Westpac have responded and told us that they no longer waive theirs.) You can easily find out more about these schemes and the funds they offer by searching them up on our KiwiSaver fund finder under "Check your current fund". Cheers, Tom
  9. Tax Refunds - Save money and do your own

    Hi guys, we thought this so important that we put up a new post on DIY refunds. Check it out: http://bit.ly/2nwr52o
  10. Best place to raise a child

    Hi Brandon, why not have both? I live out in the Wairarapa, not far from Masterton, and lots of people manage the train commute to Wellington. They keep the city income and enjoy the country lifestyle. A commute like that can get heavy, though, and we've got some friends who have just sold up and moved back to Wellington because having both partners on the train was too much for family. Many things to consider! Cheers
  11. The other day I realised that the only reason why I've had any success with the kids' pocket money the past couple years is because I've made it automatic... After starting out with jam jars: four of them each for giving, saving, spending and growing (an entrepreneurial/investing fund), we transferred over to online accounts with automatic payments. Like any saving, it becomes so much easier if it's automated and "paying yourself first". Now they can see their "jars" on their devices, which really helps.
  12. 5 tips from a frugal tight ass

    Thanks Harrison -- pretty hard core! Really support your number 4: a wise man once told me that "you can't have cars and money", and boggles the mind how much we spend on wheels without realising it and how much most cars tank in value... Cheers