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    Change our bankruptcy laws

    Hi, Just a fyi for you. Insolvencywatch has closed down. Insolvencywatch from what I can tell gets it data from screen scraping the online public notices from the govt insolvency and trustee website not the gazette. Give away is the difference in dates in gazette as well as format using the pipe. The law requires the publishing of the insolvency just once. Thats the official gazette print copy. You could argue the digital public notice of the gazette and insolvency and trustee is more than the law intended. You could also argue that every time the page is accessed it is publishing anew each and every time. I could find nothing law wise which requires the insolvency and trustee or gazette to publish digital versions of public notices. The gazette response is rather unprofessional, especially how easy it is to block search engine scanning... as well as how through digitalisation they have made peoples personal affairs go from practical obscurity to partial obscurity and realistically not obscure at all when the internet is concerned. Despite credit reporters removing insolvency after the maximum reporting period.. if a bank was a creditor.. they will never remove it. Considering anz holds 40percent of home loans.. youl never get a loan with them, or other banks, if they were the creditor. They even asked to be paid back, despite the law saying they cant chase the debt after insolvency, before they would alter their internal credit report held against person concerned. USA states have implemented protection in their human rights laws to stop against discrimination based on financial grounds including financially inferring information, to help break the generational cycle of poverty it causes. NZ could learn from this however updating the bill of rights would be a challenge.