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  1. Change NZ Accounting Law

    No one is gifted with such remarkable clairvoyance that they get everything right when running a business. This is what the business community would like you to know about those business owners who have fallen on hard times. We hope the following information offers support, comfort, and healing to those business owners who gave it their best shot: (1) It is not just the business owner who is at fault for business failure. There are other factors; (2) Those business owners who made a go of it, contributed to their respective local economies for a time; (3) Acts of God/Natural Disaster can cause temporary/permanent business interruption episodes or permanent closure; (4) Losing a business is like losing a loved one. There is definitely a grieving process; Trigger warning: Suicide, selfharming: (5) Incidents of drug/alcohol abuse, self harm, suicidal tendencies even suicide itself can increase - due to emotional pain. Emotional pain is not a weakness; (6) Serious illness can happen at any time; (7) Market changes and competition can be unpredictable; (8) Roadworks outside a business; (9) Burglaries; (10) Company theft, fraud, and the like; (11) Some small business owners do not have family support. Delegating work to an Accountant or Book Keeper should lighten the load - not create more problems. Running a business takes courage and fortitude. Losing a business requires more courage and fortitude to see things right through to the very end and beyond. Losing a business does not define who you are. You overcoming the inpact of loss shows the rest of the world strength of character. For those who have been in this situation, extend a helping hand and keep extending it to those who have fallen and do not know how to climb back up. It's about empower yourself and others.
  2. Change NZ Accounting Law

    Here are the skills you are mainly paying for to get your books done eg end of year financials, monthly profit and loss accounts, bank reconciliation, etc. You are paying for data entry skills - where ten fingers gets the job done faster than two. Your invoices may reflect whether your accountant/book keeper is a fast or slow data entry practitioner ie typist.
  3. NAP from overseas

    Hi, Ford. Is ECCC mentioned in your post,EC Credit Control?
  4. Diana Clement gets bankruptcy advice wrong

    Hi Ford, how about putting a copy of this post under your journal entries for change nz bankruptcy law.
  5. Change NZ Accounting Law

    Nice one, Ford. And thanks for everything.
  6. Change NZ Accounting Law

    Ford if you are reading any of my posts could you please contact me at fionagreen@xtra.co.nz. Thanks.
  7. Change NZ Accounting Law

    Sent an email to local MP for Whangarei Dr Shane Reti advising him of my Cause Change NZ Accounting Law. I have drawn his attention to both mine and Ford's Change Bankruptcy Law journal entries on this page and our respective Petitions on change.org/petitions. Looking forward,to hearing back from him. Ford and I know our subjects of public interest well. The rightness of our change advocacy efforts are justified from personal experience, evidence gathered, talking to other business owners, etc. Law changes such as the ones we are advocating will mean consistent standards for all Accountants and Book Keepers. There should be less, financial hardship and business failures as a result. We don't want anyone else to go through what we have been through. We know there are others though. I want to give Ford the big thumbs up for sharing their personal challenges with us on 'sorted.' We thank the Administrators of Sorted for this platform. You have heard Ford's story. Mine is coming. We feel it is important for you all to hear and discuss amongst yourselves and your peers, etc our personal accounts, our challenges that sent us to hell and back. Our desire to correct errors/omissions in our accounting, bankruptcy, insolvency laws- to encourage business growth andprofitability. My next post will focus on what the business community wants you to know when owners fall on hard times. Arohanui.
  8. Change NZ Accounting Law

    Some helpful feedback but accountants should report regularly about a business's financial position sooner rather than later as they are at the epicentre of a business. Many people have been misled into thinking that gst return filing, end of year financials etc is business owner's problem. Not so. Financial work of this type is delegated to accountant - that is what they are paid to do. It's when they dont follow up or do anything and just let the client slip behind in things that it becomes a concern esp. for sole traders in particular. Happens alot.
  9. Change NZ Accounting Law

    Received required amount of signatures for petition 'change nz accounting law.' Petition will go 'live' ie enter the public search forum within the next few days.
  10. Change our bankruptcy laws

    Thanks, Ford. Also bankruptcy is a term everyone is familiar with. I know that my petition will change form as more information comes to hand.
  11. Change our bankruptcy laws

    Unsure how to post url link to this site.
  12. Change NZ Accounting Law

    The Petition - Change NZ Accounting on www.change.org.nz is ready to go. Please show your love by signing it. Thanks. Fiona.
  13. Support the cause 'Change NZ Accounting Law. ' Please read and contribute courageously to my Journal of the same nane on      www. sorted org.nz