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  1. Fiona Green

    Change our bankruptcy laws

    Hi Ford, I see your petition got another supporter.
  2. Fiona Green

    NAP from overseas

    Hi, Ford. Is ECCC mentioned in your post,EC Credit Control?
  3. Hi Ford, how about putting a copy of this post under your journal entries for change nz bankruptcy law.
  4. Fiona Green

    Change our bankruptcy laws

    Thanks, Ford. Also bankruptcy is a term everyone is familiar with. I know that my petition will change form as more information comes to hand.
  5. Fiona Green

    Change our bankruptcy laws

    Unsure how to post url link to this site.
  6. Support the cause 'Change NZ Accounting Law. ' Please read and contribute courageously to my Journal of the same nane on      www. sorted org.nz

  7. Fiona Green

    Change our bankruptcy laws

    Yes Ford our causes are interelated. I have signed your petition. I will definitely support you all the way. In the meantime I will continue drafting my "" Change NZ Accounting Law Petition"" and accompanying blog for this site. Your letter to Jacinda, etc on the change org site is very good. I wonder if you,would get more signatures by changing "if you or your loved ones have fallen on hard times..."" to "if you know of anyone..."" re:ird if that's what the law says they can do then that validates your Cause. Re the accountants - what part do you feel they may play here or could do differently ?
  8. Fiona Green

    Change our bankruptcy laws

    Hi Ford, all the best with your endeavours and thank you for bravely sharing your journey. It kind of ties in with my mission of changing our accounting laws. There are similar themes and parallels that are apparent in both causes.