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  1. Emily from Sorted

    Debt is Dead - I killed it

    Hi @KEZZA what a great success story! Well done to you - it pays off to live like that for a while in order to make sure your financial future is a bright one. Congrats again.
  2. Emily from Sorted


    Hi @andy singh we have a guide at Sorted on how to get out of debt fast - highly recommend reading it. https://sorted.org.nz/guides/get-out-of-debt-fast
  3. Emily from Sorted

    KiwiSaver is getting even better

    Thanks @RichLife some good thoughts
  4. Emily from Sorted

    KiwiSaver is getting even better

    Hi everyone, KiwiSaver is set to get even better... you'll soon see contribution rates of 6% and 10%, over 65s will be able to join the scheme and 'holiday contributions' will be renamed to 'savings suspensions'. Read more here: https://sorted.org.nz/must-reads/kiwisaver-gets-even-better/ Have a great Tuesday!
  5. Emily from Sorted

    How I found $4,000 in cost-savings

    Hi @MumofBoys So great to hear your money success story! It's amazing how much we can save by regularly reviewing things like insurance and subscriptions. I also love the idea of buying in bulk as that makes a huge difference as well. I'd love to share some of your top tips on our wider social media pages so I'll be in touch about that. Thanks again, Emily from Sorted
  6. Emily from Sorted

    Investment for Millenials - ETF or Shares

    Hi @Paul G Here's our take on some of your questions! What do you folks think of this approach? In all of the investment strategy that I've read and heard, people say to buy and sell. Unfortunately, I don't know how to predict market trends. I would just like to beat inflation. You touch on a great point. Even those that are doing this for their day job they never every get it right all the time. Being in the market regularly contributing and investing in good diversified products is a good approach. Again perhaps talking to an advisers they will determine what is right specifically for you. Is KiwiSaver better? Have used the calculator in websites of NZ banks and I'm not really sure if I'll be able to even afford a down payment for a house in Auckland for the next 20 years. KiwiSaver has many benefits but of course your funds are locked in until you reach retirement age currently 65 or if you intend to buy your first home. If you put in 3% of your salary, your employer has to also do this in most circumstances. You also would receive the member tax credit of $521 if you put in a minimum of around $1,043 dollars a year. Se here for more information on KiwiSaver. https://sorted.org.nz/guides
  7. Emily from Sorted

    Free money into your KiwiSaver

    Hey everyone, The government is set to give you a free KiwiSaver top up of $521! But you need to make sure you've contributed the minimum of $1042 dollars in the past year - if you haven't you've still got until the end of June to do so. This is especially important if you're a contract worker, freelancer or part timer who does not have the regular salary contributions of 3% going into your fund.
  8. Emily from Sorted

    Home Loans

    Hi @Dilat we have a whole guide on buying a first home that includes sections on home loans. If there is something very specific you'd like answered let us know and we'll do our best to help! https://sorted.org.nz/guides/buying-a-first-home Emily
  9. Emily from Sorted

    Your net worth - do you know it?

    Great article isn't it @KEZZA So glad you found it helpful even if it was a touch demoralising at first
  10. Emily from Sorted

    Getting out of 40k worth of debt

    A beautiful story shared with us from Francoise about her and her husband's journey out of 40k worth of debt. Sometimes we know enough is enough and we have to take control again! Thanks for sharing Francoise!
  11. Emily from Sorted

    Someone Mortgage Savvy Please Help!

    Hi Jaed - again this is something your bank will be able to spell out very clearly - keep asking them to explain until you fully understand
  12. Emily from Sorted

    Buying your first home

    This week on our Sorted social media page we're chatting houses - in particular, buying your first home. Have you bought a home? I'd love to know what issues arose for you all that you wished you knew about when you were in the process of looking and buying. I'd love to and see if we can answer them so others don't have to face the same issues without any guidance. Thanks!
  13. Emily from Sorted

    Someone Mortgage Savvy Please Help!

    Hi @Jaed, so sorry to hear about your situation. It must be tough. For the most accurate financial data on how much you paid in interest on your loan over those 30 years, the best thing you can do is ring your bank, ANZ, and ask for it directly from them. Wish you all the best.
  14. Emily from Sorted

    Tips for saving money with veges

    So recently we sent out our eDM asking for tips on how to consume less and use what we have in a better way. We received some great tips and today I'd like to share this one from Dawn - thanks for your contribution! "Don't you hate it when you open the veggie bin in the fridge and your produce is starting to look all limp and lifeless? If you're not going to get through the carrots, courgettes and capsicums before they get to this stage... think ahead. You can chop them up and freeze them, and use them again when you need. This is a great idea when you can get produce on special."
  15. How much do you really know about KiwiSaver? We've made a quick quiz to test you knowledge on KiwiSaver... challenge a mate and see how you go and let us know if there were any questions in there that you'd like more info on. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/3FMTZT8