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  1. Credit Card Debt - The best way to pay it off?

    This can't be shared enough - Americans call it a FICO score - we call it a credit score (cue Veda, Equifax or Dun and Bradstreet) and sometimes the information they hold about you is often wrong!!! But ask them to correct it? Not in their interests. Why? Because sharing (sorry, selling) data based on rubbish algorithms is everything. Will avoid borrowing in future (unless it's for a mortgage). A credit score is not a measure of success - it's a measure that you can take on credit and pay it back (or not)
  2. Debt to Eat

    @Hilinda I was in the same boat last year, but have had to be incredibly strict with a written budget (and I also follow Dave Ramsey) and a dialed down lifestyle. The frustration of one step forward and two back drove me nuts, as did periods of not working. Finding being intentional with spending is everything - and way less stressful. To show what's possible, this time last year, I had $5k of credit card debt that I paid off, as sick of paying the bank late fees, interest and the like to make their branch windows shinier. Then along came some pricey car repairs, dental bills and life etc. Now I have almost $5K to cover bills, emergencies, in between jobs if that happens, with some set aside to earn interest and chuck on the student loan before 31 March (fingers crossed it stays that way and my contract gets extended) - the Ramsey system can seem brutal when you start, but so worth it down the track - good luck.
  3. Credit Card Debt - The best way to pay it off?

    @Ford - I think the system is broken. The so-called credit rating is basically a measure of how you fare re borrowing. Not what I'd call a measure of success!
  4. @Gabs - am considering this as well at the moment. I have a Visa debit card and got an automatic replacement credit card in the mail. I used to have my c/card as an emergency fund, but now I've got near on $2k to fall back on, am thinking may as well ditch it and have my emergency fund as my ... err... emergency fund(!) If I had to do a big spend, repaying a c/card would be painful. I know of some that have a credit card for emergencies, but Xmas presents and a holiday to the tropics ended up being emergencies. And that's led to emergencies of another type; rectifying the debts to get collections teams off their case. Ugh - not worth it for the piddly rewards anyway. Good luck building up your dosh (have found the weekly written budget is everything).
  5. Credit card tips

    @paul butler - Still v grateful you put the Dave Ramsey vid up re FICO scores. Have been religiously watching his vids and following the methods and tips ever since - certainly made life easier.
  6. Credit card tips

    @Ford - One year on since credit card was paid off - has hardly been used since - has not gone in to debt - not a cent of interest paid to the bank. Have built up a $1000 emergency fund, so Murphy doesn't come knocking on the door as much. Have stopped buying stupid stuff too.
  7. Kiwisaver to clear debt

    Gutted you can't use KiwiSaver to pay off student loan debt. If I could use it to offset the remaining balance of my student loan, that would clear it out! (and would mean the onus on me to get intense re retirement savings, but hey could live with that).
  8. My journey to become debt free

    @FordWhat a story - thanks for the tips - didn't know about simplesavings.co.nz. The written budget is everything to avoid getting in to further debt. I know so many that are spiralling - low incomes and irregular work not helping.
  9. How to keep track

    There's a budget tool on Sorted website where you can add/delete categories and keep track. I use that, and still keep spreadsheet for anticipated expenses like car rego, WOF, dental hygienist etc. http://sorted.org.nz/tools
  10. Student Loans

    Also is there any way I could get rid of my student loan by taking it out of KiwiSaver? If I could do that, I would be debt free! Thanks
  11. Student Loans

    Hi there I returned to Uni as a mature student and have put the brakes on contributing to KiwiSaver whilst I pay off the loan. I realise the pressure will be on to save for retirement once loan paid, but the current 12% outgoing for student loan repayment will be put towards that. As there is no longer a Voluntary Repayment Bonus of 10%, is there any tax incentive (ie: likelihood of a higher tax refund) based on earning a part time salary for paying back voluntary repayments when earning under the current repayment threshold of $19,136?
  12. Mindset is key

    Oh my - my kind of article - thanks for posting link!
  13. Overcoming a mountain of debt

    Also highly recommend Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover book (also available on YouTube as an audiobook) and Allen Carr's Get Out Of Debt Now The Easy Way (similar to a stop smoking formula but for debt addiction)
  14. Overcoming a mountain of debt

    I hate being in debt. My days of being a slave to Mastercard are over.
  15. Yeah, good point. It's my last debt and I want it gone. Am concerned that govt may reintroduce interest on student loans (Productivity Commission has been bleating on about it). Will avoid borrowing money again in future - don't like being a slave to a lender - when I signed the contract to say I'd pay it back, then yeah, will pay it back. Goal to be debt free by 50 - lofty, but hopefully do-able.