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    Hello RichLife and Ford, thank you both very much for your answers. I am glad you think my idea of a two different banks is an ok one. RichLife - Yes - I did consider the Index funds idea but I got the impression that money put in those should be in for 5 years or more and I am in a bit of a change phase in my life at the moment and don't want to tie up funds for that long. Yes - dividing up into $20K bunches sounds good, if a bit administration heavy! - but I can see your point. I do want/need emergency funds. Ford - Luckily I have no debt. And yes - your comment "Put the bulk of the money in the safest place you can for short periods of time until you decide properly what you will do with it." is exactly what I will do. From Kirsty
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    I have $200,000 that I want to put into 2 term deposits. This money is all the savings I have in the world and I want to keep it safe. I am considering putting $100,000 into one bank's term deposit(ANZ), and the rest with another bank (Kiwibank) - with the idea if one bank falls over, at least I will have money in the other bank. Is this daft?!! or not such a bad idea.