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  1. Paying off your mortgage faster

    Get an offset mortgage. Takes into account all your savings, so you're not left cash poor. Interest rates competitive.
  2. Low-interest loan tips

    For people looking for short/medium term borrowing, look at this guide to personal loans - highlights p2p lending which can work out cheaper.
  3. The article appears on its own thread you inserted above
  4. Best place to raise a child

    Not an easy thing to answer. Quality of jobs vs quality of life. Auckland = bad commutes for 50%+ of workers, but the beaches and weather are first rate. Nelson sits in the heart of god's country, but jobs more limited. Christchurch has a great community, but is still recovering. You could pro and con every place in NZ. I say go to where you feel most comfortable - your heart knows best. Finding the right job is part of the process and you'll know before you decide if the place in question is really going to work. Disclaimer: Have lived happily in Auckland, Nelson and Dunedin
  5. How much do you spend on gifts?

    8 members have voted. Time to share this on FB me thinks.... Personally I spend about $30, usually a nice wine and chocolates or an experience (double art exhibition pass or tickets to movie). Avoiding junk.
  6. The bank of mum and dad

    Urgh, Bank of Mum and Dad. Have to say, lot of nastiness created from haves and have-nots among my friends in Auckland (late 20s) when BoM&D called upon. Also puts massive pressure on parents without them realising it. Also that comment about the sister says it all about sibling dramas.
  7. Debt to Eat

    Is the debt overdraft, credit card or loans? Look for cheaper interest rates on all of them - plenty of competition in the market with low fee credit cards etc.
  8. Credit card tips

    Just discovered Dave Ramsey thanks to Sorted thread, podcasts excellent. Also recommend Martin Lewis in the UK.
  9. Investment Advice

    InvestNow's Vanguard hedged fund as low management fees and the platform to use is free, so it's a no-brainer. You'd usually need $10,000 of money to get into Vanguard, Investnow gets you in with <$500. Recommended. Also so many other funds on it.
  10. Should I have a credit card as an 'emergency' fund?

    Keep it valid. You never know when you'll need it, and access to $2,000 credit instantly for an annual fee of 20-30% is cheaper than any short term loan. Move to a low interest credit card or low fee credit card if need be.
  11. Fraud protection and credit reporting

    "the likelihood of you ruining your own credit report and financial record by your borrowing practises is far greater than having it sabortaged by a real fraudster" Spot on there. Can't believe there is insurance for "protection" against this now, albeit not in the UK. Good points on prevention/dealing with it.
  12. Finding my lost retirement savings accounts

    Your IRD number should be linked to all of these. Contact the IRD - surely these funds are making money and being assessed for tax purposes. Do you not get mail with statements?
  13. Refinancing German Property

    Mortgage broker in Germany (where the property is based) is a starting point. Plenty of Germans live overseas while retaining property in Germany.
  14. Kiwisaver and superannuation

    Kiwisaver is a no brainer - if you don't have it, you're effectively not being paid as much as you could be as there are no employer contributions. Avoid a baked bean retirement and/or having to sell your home and get enrolled in Kiwisaver asap!
  15. What does an insurance broker do?

    Insurance brokers tend to have the best knowledge in the industry, and if you have specific needs or requirements (pre-existing medical for health insurance, or property issues for home insurance etc) they know the best insurers. And yes, you do need to go through them to file a claim, but you have the freedom to get a quote and compare it. I used a broker for life insurance and home insurance and was happy with the outcome.