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  1. WTF?! Save the date for What The Finance - our first Sorted live chat

    Thanks for the link to the study RichLife, it’s always great to have a debate grounded in facts over feelings. Thanks also to everyone else who contributed. We’re always keen to hear as many views as possible, however we take issue with any suggestion that we are sexist. We deliberately tailor our work in an effort to make a real difference to peoples' financial wellbeing and we’re sure no one would accuse us, for example, of being ageist for the work we do in schools or racist for working with groups on marae. Similarly, creating an event that focuses on the specific needs of women is not sexist, but a sensible and effective way of giving women the tools they need to make informed choices. We are closing the topic now but look forward to hearing from anyone with constructive comments about financial capability topics.
  2. Confused

    Hi SoTarnz, welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear you're having issues with the website on iPad. We test the website across a wide range of devices, including iPad, and it's looking all good on our end. We are aware of a bug with the Budgeting Tool on Safari and Apple mobile devices, which we're working to fix. If you could let us know a bit more about the issues you're experiencing we'll do our best to help
  3. This topic has been reported for spam and I'd just like to clarify our position. We don't allow sales pitches or ads on the Sorted Community and work hard to take these down when they appear. This particular post refers to a piece of research being conducted by our friends at the Financial Markets Authority. The research isn't commercial in nature - in that it's intended to make investing better for Kiwis, not inform the next marketing campaign for any investment providers. For this reason we encourage any eligible members to take part
  4. How do you track your spending

    Hi Rhonz. Thanks for your feedback! At this stage the Sorted Budgeting Tool doesn't support spend tracking, but it is something we're considering for the future. For spend tracking I recommend you check out some of the great options suggested in this thread
  5. Join the conversation - Money Week prize draw

    Drumroll please... The winner is @FreelanceBrah, congratulations! Thanks to everyone who participated, we hope you're enjoying the Sorted Community forum. Keep checking back for new discussions, announcements and promotions.
  6. Join the conversation - Money Week prize draw

    The Money Week 'Join the conversation' prize draw is now closed. We'll draw a winner at 10am Wednesday and contact the winner via the email address we have on file, so keep your eyes peeled!
  7. Budgeting tool not working?

    Hi Peter. Apologies for the delay - this bug was caused by an update to Safari and took some time to investigate and isolate the issue. Our development team is working on fixing this issue, along with improvements to general speed and stability, in the next release. At this stage we're looking at early to mid September for this release. In the meantime we recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience on Sorted and across the web. Thanks for hanging in there.
  8. My journey to become debt free

    Welcome to the Sorted Community, Dellie! Congratulations on starting the journey to becoming debt free. If you'd like to inspire others with your story, get encouragement and have a way to track your progress, consider posting a Journal here on the Community.
  9. To celebrate this year's Money Week, we're giving away a $500 Prezzy® Card to one lucky person. Simply ask a question or share your experiences and tips with the Sorted Community during Money Week and you're in the draw! We'll announce the winner right here on Wednesday 23rd August. Terms and conditions apply.
  10. Hi - Brendan from Sorted

    Hi there! I'm Brendan from the digital team at the Commission for Financial Capability. I work with the team here to make Sorted as useful as possible for Kiwis. I was born a spender. Just a few years ago I liked to spend up large, despite not having much money to spend in the first place. I'd fudge the math in my head and even put my grocery money toward the next shiny toy. Luckily I stumbled upon the magic of budgeting, and went from wondering where my money went at the end of the month, to telling my money exactly what to do. I still get to have my fun, but I'm now able to balance my fun with saving, and groceries. My biggest money achievement is having spent a couple of years building up an emergency fund. It sits in a savings account not earning me much interest, but the sense of security and freedom it provides is well worth it! I think it's important to focus on how your money makes you feel; I don't let myself get too obsessed with the numbers. See you around the forums!